Compass Color Helpers

These color functions are useful for creating generic libraries that have to accept a range of inputs. For more color functions see the sass reference documentation

adjust-lightness($color, $amount)

Adds $amount to $color's lightness value. $amount can be negative.

adjust-saturation($color, $amount)

Adds $amount to $color's saturation value. $amount can be negative.

scale-lightness($color, $amount)

Scales $color's lightness value by $amount. $amount can be negative.

scale-saturation($color, $amount)

Scales $color's saturation value by $amount. $amount can be negative.

shade($color, $percentage)

Darkens the $color by mixing it with black as specified by $percentage.

tint($color, $percentage)

Lightens the $color by mixing it with white as specified by $percentage.