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Compass Stretching

The stretch mixins allow you to style absolutely positioned elements such that they will stretch to fill their positioning parent.

This file can be imported using: @import "compass/layout/stretching"


Compass Stretch Layout Example
How to do stretch out your elements.


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=stretch-y($offset-top: 0, $offset-bottom: 0)
  +stretch($offset-top, false, $offset-bottom, false)
@mixin stretch-y($offset-top: 0, $offset-bottom: 0) {
  @include stretch($offset-top, false, $offset-bottom, false);

stretch element height to specified top and bottom position

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=stretch-x($offset-left: 0, $offset-right: 0)
  +stretch(false, $offset-right, false, $offset-left)
@mixin stretch-x($offset-left: 0, $offset-right: 0) {
  @include stretch(false, $offset-right, false, $offset-left);

stretch element width to specified left and right position

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=stretch($offset-top: 0, $offset-right: 0, $offset-bottom: 0, $offset-left: 0)
  position: absolute
  @if $offset-top
    top: $offset-top
  @if $offset-bottom
    bottom: $offset-bottom
  @if $offset-left
    left: $offset-left
  @if $offset-right
    right: $offset-right
@mixin stretch($offset-top: 0, $offset-right: 0, $offset-bottom: 0, $offset-left: 0) {
  position: absolute;
  @if $offset-top {
    top: $offset-top;
  @if $offset-bottom {
    bottom: $offset-bottom;
  @if $offset-left {
    left: $offset-left;
  @if $offset-right {
    right: $offset-right;

shorthand to stretch element height and width