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Compass Inline-Block List

Easy mode using simple descendant li selectors:


Advanced mode: If you need to target the list items using a different selector then use +inline-block-list-container on your ul/ol and +inline-block-list-item on your li. This may help when working on layouts involving nested lists. For example:

  > li

This file can be imported using: @import "compass/typography/lists/inline-block-list"


  1. Bullets – Mixins for managing list bullets.
  2. Inline Block – Declare an element inline block for all browsers.
  3. Float – Mixins for cross-browser floats.
  4. Horizontal List – Float a list so it appears horizontally.


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@mixin inline-block-list-container {
  @include horizontal-list-container;

Can be mixed into any selector that target a ul or ol that is meant to have an inline-block layout. Used to implement inline-block-list.

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=inline-block-list-item($padding: false)
  white-space: nowrap
  @if $padding
      left: $padding
      right: $padding
@mixin inline-block-list-item($padding: false) {
  @include no-bullet;
  @include inline-block;
  white-space: nowrap;
  @if $padding {
    padding: {
      left: $padding;
      right: $padding;

Can be mixed into any li selector that is meant to participate in a horizontal layout. Used to implement inline-block-list.

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=inline-block-list($padding: false)
@mixin inline-block-list($padding: false) {
  @include inline-block-list-container;
  li {
    @include inline-block-list-item($padding);

A list(ol,ul) that is layed out such that the elements are inline-block and won't wrap.