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Compass Text Replacement

This file can be imported using: @import "compass/typography/text/replacement"

Configurable Variables help


Indicates the direction you prefer to move your text when hiding it.

left is more robust, especially in older browsers. right seems have better runtime performance.


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=replace-text($img, $x: 50%, $y: 50%)
    @if is-url($img)
      image: $img
      image: image-url($img)
    repeat: no-repeat
    position: $x $y
@mixin replace-text($img, $x: 50%, $y: 50%) {
  @include hide-text;
  background: {
    @if is-url($img) {
      image: $img;
    @else {
      image: image-url($img);
    repeat: no-repeat;
    position: $x $y;

Hides html text and replaces it with an image. If you use this on an inline element, you will need to change the display to block or inline-block. Also, if the size of the image differs significantly from the font size, you'll need to set the width and/or height.


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=replace-text-with-dimensions($img, $x: 50%, $y: 50%, $inline: false)
  +replace-text(if($inline, inline-image($img), $img), $x, $y)
  width: image-width($img)
  height: image-height($img)
@mixin replace-text-with-dimensions($img, $x: 50%, $y: 50%, $inline: false) {
  @include replace-text(if($inline, inline-image($img), $img), $x, $y);
  width: image-width($img);
  height: image-height($img);

Like the replace-text mixin, but also sets the width and height of the element according the dimensions of the image.

If you set $inline to true, then an inline image (data uri) will be used.

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=hide-text($direction: $hide-text-direction)
  @if $direction == left
    $approximate-em-value: 12px / 1em
    $wider-than-any-screen: -9999em
    text-indent: $wider-than-any-screen * $approximate-em-value
    overflow: hidden
    text-align: left
    // slightly wider than the box prevents issues with inline-block elements
    text-indent: 110%
    white-space: nowrap
    overflow: hidden
@mixin hide-text($direction: $hide-text-direction) {
  @if $direction == left {
    $approximate-em-value: 12px / 1em;
    $wider-than-any-screen: -9999em;
    text-indent: $wider-than-any-screen * $approximate-em-value;
    overflow: hidden;
    text-align: left;
  @else {
    // slightly wider than the box prevents issues with inline-block elements
    text-indent: 110%;
    white-space: nowrap;
    overflow: hidden;

Hides text in an element so you can see the background.

The direction indicates how the text should be moved out of view.

See $hide-text-direction for more information and to set this globally for your application.

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  font: 0 / 0 serif
  text-shadow: none
  color: transparent
@mixin squish-text {
  font: 0 / 0 serif;
  text-shadow: none;
  color: transparent;

Hides text in an element by squishing the text into oblivion. Use this if you need to hide text contained in an inline element but still have it read by a screen reader.